Sri Lanka power utility engineers delay industrial action till May 08

ECONOMYNEXT – Engineers at Sri Lanka’s state-run Ceylon Electricity Board said they were delaying industrial action till May 08, until a Buddhist holiday period was over.

CEBEU had earlier given notice to the management of the CEB and the power ministry that they would work-to-rule from April 20.

“We had a number of requests not to work-to-rule from April 20, because Vesak week starts on April 30,” CEBEU President Saumya Kumarawadu told reporters.

“If we start work-to-rule power outages cannot be prevented. So the Union decided yesterday to delay action till May 08.”

CEBEU says the regulator had delayed approved of their latest power plan and the cancellation of a coal plant in 2015 by the President had pushed the country into a crisis.

Even earlier plants in the CEB’s approved power plan was delayed. (Colombo/Ma18/2018)


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