Sri Lanka could lose Billions through unsolicited New-Fortress Energy Deal

Sri Lanka stands to lose hundreds of millions of dollars through a back-door liquefied natural gas (LNG) deal with a US firm which could be worth up to 6.0 billion US dollars but is coming in as the sale of share of a power plant, engineers of the state power utility have warned.

Energy security would also be undermined as the national grid would be dependent on a single company for the supply of LNG to the entire country and will also block state-run Ceylon Electricity Board from using cheapest energy source based on market prices, the CEB Engineers Union has said.

It is not clear how the unsolicited deal was suddenly struck without open tender for either the sale of a 40 percent Treasury stake in a power plant, LNG procurement for at least five years, or to operate floating liquefied natural gas terminal which is expected to charge fees from the state-run Ceylon Electricity Board.-EconomyNext

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