Public Lecture Series by Tr and Gen Planning Branch of CEB

Transmission and Generation Planning Branch of CEB has recently taken an initiative to hold a public lecture series on ” Present status and the Future of Sri Lankan Power System”. The prime objective of the these lectures are to raise the general awareness among the engineering fraternity on the latest developments, planning process and the future of Sri Lankan power system. This is conducted with the aid of Ceylon Electricity Board Engineers Union with the intention of updating and enhancing the knowledge on the topic among engineering community while clarifying common misconceptions.

The first lecture was conducted for the National Agenda Committee of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce on 5th Dec 2017.

The second lecture of the series was held at IESL with nearly 100 participants on 16 Jan 2018.

The third lecture was held at the University of Moratuwa on 22 Feb 2018 with participation of students and acedemics.

Another two such lectures have already been planned to be held at the department of Electrical Engineering,  University of Peradeniya and University Ruhuna of within the March,2018.

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