Controversy surrounds LNG tender

Despite the Government Ministers and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe advising the Tender Board of the Kerawalapitiya LNG power plant, the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy has decided to go ahead with its own……biased decision to reject five of the six qualified bidders, top officials said.

A certain official in the Power and Renewable Energy Ministry has misled the Cabinet saying only the Korean company has given a proposal for LNG.

Despite the Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) naming six bidders as suitably qualified, the Tender Board overruled the TEC recommendation for unknown reasons.

Now the SCAPC, (Standard Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committee) has for the second time taken a secret decision and has informed Samsung of Korea to be present for the financial bid opening this Friday, where strangely only its bid is to be opened.
Ceylon Today reliably learns that the other five bidders are being kept in the dark about this development.

It is learnt that the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) also has been kept in the dark. The CEB representative on the Tender Board has requested that all bids be opened.

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Ceylon Today 2017-08-09

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