CEB To Go Ahead With Much Debated Wind Power Plant in Mannar

In keeping with the green policies, the government has given the green light to the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) to go ahead with much debated 375MW Wind Power Plant Complex in Mannar.

The Sunday Leader reliably learns that that the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has given a grant to do a comprehensive feasibility study of the entire Mannar Island.

When contacted, CEB Chairman Anura Wijayapala stressed that there aren’t any stumbling blocks to the project. However, he said that the ADB is keen on a comprehensive study.

He expressed confidence that within six months they would be in a position to go ahead with the project. “The first 100MW of the Complex would cost Rs. 24 billion,” he said.

Recently, the CEB top management feared that not only will they have to give up  planned coal-fired power plants in the country but proposed wind power plants as well with leading environmentalists opposing the upcoming 100MW of the planned 375MW wind power plant complex in Mannar Island. READ MORE…

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