CEB Is Geared To Build New Coal Power Plants

Coal has become the talk of the town  as Sri Lanka’s electricity utility provider. The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has proposed to build three coal power plants units producing more than 2600 MW of electricity in the 20 years from the year 2018.

The public and environmentalists are opposed to coal while the government is also having serious second thoughts. The Sri Lankan government has endorsed renewable energy even though its own electricity utility has selected a different path.

Also, the country has a history of failing implementation of Least Cost Long Term Generation Expansion Plans and the final plant which is also a coal plant was built in the year 2009.

Some question, whether the CEB has enough training in maintaining or building coal power plants. The answer is “ they are in the process.”

The annual journal of Japan Coal Energy Center (JCOAL), who is in the business to carry out consolidated efforts for further development of the coal sector, said that the invitational technology exchange programme was carried out aimed at the promotion of Japan’s coal-fired thermal power plant and the acquisition of new coal-fired power generation projects.

The executives and engineers of the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy and the Ceylon Electricity Board have been invited to Japan with the objective of enhancing the understanding of Sri Lankans about Japan’s CCT.




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